"Millions of pieces of clothing are produced everyday. If you take sustainability seriously, be responsible, get vintage"

At Mr Vintage, we aim to feed your inner creativity. The spark in your soul that is alive in the late hours of the night, the part of you that wants to jump in puddles, sing in the shower, dance in the rain. We love the quirky, the bold, the mismatched and the innovative. The people who don't follow fashion trends, they set them. How you dress is representative of your personality. You are unique, one in 7 billion, born out of the death of a star. Life's too short to wear boring clothes.

  * * * * * *

Mr. Vintage is an Australian owned company that supplies vintage and retro clothing at very affordable prices.

Our products are sourced from all around the world with quality, one-off pieces, coming to us from our warehouses in Europe.

We believe in the importance of recycling, not only for fashion but for the good of the earth. The quality of clothing today is not what it used to be, cheap labor and materials is favoured over precision and long term wear.

Our products come from the 1920's to the late 1990's, creating a diverse repertoire for any

customer. A Mr Vintage item will not tarnish with use, and we know this for certain because our clothes have already passed the test of time.

As the largest wholesaler of vintage clothing in Australia we have access to around 250 different lines of clothing, which includes; Summer Dresses, Skirts, Jeans, Shorts, Tops, Shirts, and accessories.

   * * *

I believe in a society where we are unlimited in what we can say, what action we take and even what we wear. Freedom of expression is being limitless. I have structured Mr Vintage in such a way as to challenge the undercurrent in society so people can, as we like to say; "Be Uniquely You." I often find myself questioning why we were born to stand out, yet try so hard to fit in. I want to allow people the opportunity to be themselves and dress how ever they want. That is why at Mr Vintage we offer an individual product that doesn't break the bank.

Live, Love and Contribute are key characteristics of my life. That is why I have adapted them to be the core elements of the Mr Vintage brand.

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